Michael Thomas Eases The Loss Of Brandin Cooks

The days of rookies needing time to adjust to the NFL is beginning to become a myth. Michael Thomas became one of those players to take the league by storm. He was supposed to come in to the Saints and play the other side of the field opposite number 1 receiver Brandin Cooks. Instead, Thomas took the entire offense over. The most consistent player on offense aside from Drew Brees was MT. Mike’s twitter handle is @cantguardmike and boy did he live up to the name. He truly carries himself like he’s the best and everyone takes notice. He works hard and always is trying improve his craft. He has an uncanny ability to separate from defenders on short, intermediate and deep routes. On average he gained 2.38 yards of separation per target on the year and was far and away the best and most consistent Saints receiver. Cooks was young, explosive and great player, however they gain a better option in Thomas. Mike isn’t as fast as Brandin but he was successful when given the chance to run deep routes. Look for him to open up and work downfield a little more while still running slants, and curls to keep defenders honest. Look out for continuing success for Thomas and he will show why the Saints we weilling to let such a young, talented player walk away.