Greenbriar Groundhogs: Training Camp Returns to Louisiana

As we approach Saints training camp we return to the sweltering Metairie, LA. We can hopefully thank the lord the three year 7-9 Greenbriar curse will be lifted. I know we have had injuries and unforeseen medical situations, but there is a different feel to this team. Either something great is destined to happen this year or it just may end up a total disaster. Who Dat?! Drew Dat! and the future Hall of Famer is coming off another excellent year despite a porous defense. Three years of mediocrity will end, no more resorts in West Virginia, just the unforgiving humidity on Airline drive.

This is exactly what the Saints needed to get back to their roots, no pain no playoffs. As an LSU fan last year, with the Baton Rouge floods and coaching change, you knew it was a lost season, but this is the opposite. This season we will run the ball at a higher percentage like our Super Bowl season, or even Elway’s last two years. The increased running game will have several benefits; controlling the clock, keeping the defense off the field and holding on to the late leads. Ask the Failcons if it’s important to run late in a game 28-3! Sorry I was hacked there.

If the Saints can come out of the gate at least 2-2, they will fight for a playoff berth. The division is winnable, the offense will be fine, the defense only has to be around twentieth, and special teams should be improved. It’s too early for predictions but with number 9 we always have a chance. 7-9 will not happen again, the odds are astronomical, like blowing a 28-3 lead (see Falcons). No more Greenbriar Groundhogs situation!